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April 11, 2012
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Chapter 1 part 2

Karkat's entire body surged with a sudden pleasurable shock as he felt the juggalo's surprisingly soft lips against his own. He couldn't help but wrap his arms around Gamzee's neck. His entire body feeling the impact of every touch shared between them like a sucker-punch to the gut. Gamzee blushed as he felt Karkat's arms around his neck and he placed his own arms around Karkat's waist and continued to kiss him silently in the snowfall, the moonlight now beginning to steal the sunlight's position. Maybe, just maybe, Gamzee would cut off on the sopor, just to make his Karkat happier. Karkat's entire face slowly faded into a bright red blush. His lips locked with Gamzee's, holding this, miracle, of  a moment as long as he could. He wanted it to last a lifetime, but sadly it couldn't and soon enough he would need to pull away. Eventually that is….
Gamzee didn't want the moment to end either, but like Karkat, he knew it would have to, but they had the ability to decide when. Gamzee decided it all depended on when Karkat wanted to stop. It was up to his morial now. He would wait and see. Karkat then had pulled away from Gamzee slowly. He opened his big red eyes and peered into those of his Morial, if they were even morials anymore. Gamzee looked back with indigo eyes and smiled.
"So, like, this means?"
Gamzee couldn't help but blush and nod gently as Karkat gave the most adorable and cheesiest smile a cancer troll could give.
"If you don't mind Karkat," Gamzee responded. Karkats heart began pounding harshly against his chest. It felt as though it was raging and clawing at his ribcage to escape tight areas.
"i-i.. y-yes," Karkat said, nearly out of breathe. Gamzee's heart was now not only smiling, but throwing a party with every other organ in his body. Karkat reached up again and pushed their lips gently back together. He began to feel that p[pleasurable shock surge through his body once again. Gamzee tried not to ruin the moment between them by smiling as their lips pressed together once again. It was the last thing he wanted to do; ruin the moment. Karkat tried to do some sort of motion of sucking on gamzee's bottom lip. This action figured to become rather sloppy since Karkat was victim to have had never been kissed. Gamzee was the one to nearly burst into laughter, but he couldn't blame Karkat for not knowing, since he hadn't kissed anyone before as well. Until now that is.
Karkat blushed as he made an attempt to deepen the kiss by gently gliding his tongue across Gamzee's lips. He had known all this from all those crappy rom-coms he watched all the time. Karkats actions had shocked the juggalo, but he mentally smirked and copied him, he figured that Karkat knew more about this romantic crap anyway, considering those romcoms.
Karkat opened his eyes and looked at Gamzee, parting his lips ever so slightly. He was allowing entrance of Gamzee and Gamzee only. He had gotten the idea Gamzee may have known what he was doing.
Gamzee, however was pretty lost in his actions. He had no idea what he was doing! But he figured this meant…. He let his heart take over again and let his tongue move in for the kill. He let it slip passed his sharp teeth and soft lips and beyond Karkat's parted lips. Gamzee was fearing the worst, what if this wasn't what he was suppose to be doing?
On a good note, Karkat's entire face flushed. His arms pulled Gamzee in a bit closer. Considering he was in the non-dominant position, this didn't work well on trying to drive Gamzee's body closer to his own. So he just met the two tongues and felt a raging pleasure attack him. He nearly passed out from all the sudden emotions flying through his head and body.
Instead, Gamzee was the one to pulls Karkat in closer, which required him to incline his head slightly more, to keep from his lips pressing against Karkats to harshly. He must've don't something right to have gotten this far. Karkat turned his head slightly as well. His entire being now drugged with desire of Gamzee. He could'nt even hear any thoughts in his head. He just wanted more of his newly brought matesprite.
Gamzee suddenly thought what everyone else would think. He couldn't wait to see their faces when they found out. Nepeta would be pretty upset about it, and maybe even Tavros, and everyone else's mouths would just gape overdramatically as they would see the two kiss in front of them. But now he ignored what he'd imagine for the future, he loved Karkat to much too ignore him. Karkat shivered slightly coming into the realization of how dark it was outside and how freezing cold it had gotten. He gently pulled away from the juggalo, being forced to wipe his lips from a salivary string breaking and causing his lips to become cold and wet.
"Uh, its, kind of.. getting cold…" He eventually managed out, still drugged up by the aftermath of the pleasure surges running through his veins still. Gamzee had been ignoring the cold, but he accepted the fact that his matesprite hadn't.
"You want to get of the cold Karkles? You know… and.. cuddle up a bit.. or something?" Gamzee had smiled at the idea of cuddling up. Karkat had actually given a full hearted smile back to the juggalo, a very rare sight on the troll.
"Yeah, I would like that actually,"
Gamzee had cuddled with Karkat many of times before, but now would be different. Back then he was his morial, now….
He smiled even more now and took Karkat's hand in his.
"Then come on brother,"
"Okay, uh, hey Gamzee, let's go to your hive, it's a lot closer.."
"Alright man,"

Karkat gently squeezed Gamzee's hand. He shivered and got closer to the Capricorn in hopes of more warmth. Thanks to reality, he finally realized how freezing and iced his body was.
Gamzee began to lead Karkat towards his hive, holding him close to warm him.
Karkat blushed the entire way. He never thought he'd ever feel this way towards Gamzee. Around him now through, was so different. He felt to, what was the word to describe it. Relaxed. Calmed even. Like there was no need to be bitter and yell. He felt…. Kind, and nice, sweet.
Gamzee began to think. Would Karkat be warmer in his arm was wrapped around his body rather than just having his hand entwined with his matesprites? He followed his own instinct and detached their hands, achieving an odd look from Karkat at first, but smiled and wrapped his arm around the other, pulling him in against his body. Gamzee had also used his other free arm to press Karkats smaller body against his. It was much more comfortable to have Karkat against him than some horn pile. Now, he felt warmth, a heart beating, another body against his own. Not even his own lusus would have held him like this as a grub. This felt like true love…
Karkats only instinct was to hold the arms around him. He let a blush come clear through onto his cold grey cheeks. No had held him this way before. His very own lusus even. Well, he barely got any kind of neither attention nor affection from his grouchy old crabdad. Speaking of which….
"Hey Gamzee…. When we get to your hive, I, um, can I use your phone?" Karkat made a face of disbelieve almost, and kind of a upset face. He was seriously starting to sound like Tavros, which is something he didn't want, at all. He seriously needed to stop with all the "uh" and "um" and pausing a lot in his sentences.
"Alright then bro, I mean… uuuhhh…" Gamzee had no idea what to call Karkat anymore. He didn't want to call him anything that would embarrass his matesprite too much, but he didn't want to call him bro or best friend anymore either. He would have to think of something pretty quickly. Gamzee had been snapped of his thoughts by an unfamiliar yet recognizable chuckle. It was Karkat throwing off another cheeky smile.
"It's alright Gamzee" Karkat said.
Karkat had just retrieved a face of a blank minded Gamzee staring confused at the other.
"You sure?" Was all Gamzee could spat out in a quick response to the other. Karkat gave a small nod. He didn't care much for pet names considering everyone already called him "karkles" and "karkitty". Which he hated. He decided that Gamzee calling him 'bro' or even 'best friend' was a ton better than some other nick-names he's heard.
Gamzee smiled and gazed down at Karkat. He began to stroke the back of his head as gently as he possibly could. Now he was ten times more grateful to not be Equius. Karkat gently nuzzled to Gamzee's extremely gentle touch, letting out a simple sigh of happiness and pleasure. Closing his eyes and letting Gamzee lead him away.
Gamzee was the happiest he'd ever been. He was with the most important person he could ever know; from the first time he'd met him it'd been that way. Only now, he was important in a different way. It was like a dream Gamzee wanted to repeat over and over and over again, Never growing tired of it. This dream was something Gamzee just never wanted to wake up from.
Karkat began to think about what it would be like later on. Maybe he could possibly live with Gamzee? He even started to think about what their grubs would look like. WAIT WHAT!?
Karkat looked  up from his day dream, snapping out of it and looking at Gamzee, giving him a smile to retreat from those weird thoughts of kids. Gamzee just simply smiled back. He gently stroked him again with just the backs of his fingers, gazing into his candy red eyes.
Gamze sweetly stroked away the hair on his forehead and kisses the area gently. It was a little cold due to the brisk winter air, but he cared not. He was with Karkat, and now, that was all he really wanted. Karkat closed his eyes at the feeling of Gamzee's warm lips against his forehead. He loved Gamzee so much. All he wanted was to be with Gamzee for every moment he was worth. Gamzee pulled away from Karkat's forehead and looked out at the horizon. His hive was in sight now. Just a little longer before they could snuggle up and enjoy this wonderful winter night together....
Karkat smiled brightly. Soon they could curl up together on Gamzee's couch, and snuggle like in his romance movies. Maybe even sleep together in the sopor slime. When they reached the hive, Gamzee opened the door and entered silently, staring at the mess he usually left around. He lowered his head with sudden embarrassment. He wouldn't usually be worried about how his hive looked to anyone else, but Karkat was a different story to him. He would clean it up when he got the chance. For now, he just guided Karkat to the living room, kicking horns and juggling pins out of the way as they went. Karkat took a notice of the usual disaster area Gamzee's hive was. He pretty much expected it to be this way. –
"Sorry about the mess, it's usually like this though," Gamzee sighed. Karkat easily went Along with Gamzee. Knowing his hive already, being morials, er, matepsrites and all.
"I don't mind, I'm used to it being this way. Crabdad would murder me and cull me and probably throw my dead body out of the window if I even let my room alone get ANYWERE near as messy as this," Karkat chuckled.  Gamzee blushed from the humiliation, but smiled and looked at Karkat to ensure he would never get harmed under the juggalo's watchful eyes. Karkat smiled back at the juggalo, getting the memo. He gave eyes that pretty much said he'd be okay.
"Hey Gamzee," Karkat muttered out. Gamzee sat on the couch after knocking a couple bottles of Faygo and a horn onto the floor. He gave an annoyed face.
"Yeah?" Gamzee grumbled out. Karkat smiled, he placed himself next to Gamzee, Leaning on him.
"Nevermind," Karkat grinned. He blushed to hear Karkat's voice, which he now found to be both adorable and hot at the same time. –
"I uh, I love you Gamzee,"
"I love you too man, honk,"
Karkat looked up to see Gamzee's blush. He hadn't done anything to make him blush. It must have been his voice. He leaned up, as if to kiss the juggalo, instead he went to Gamzee's ear.
"Gamzee," Karkat cooed into the juggalo's hear, a soft and tender voice. Gamzee put his arms around Karkat again and smiled happily. He then blushed at the voice which sent shivers down his spine.
"Y-yeah?" Gamzee stuttered. Karkat made a puff into the Capricorn's ear. Blushing and chuckling. He enjoyed playing with Gamzee like this.
"I love you, you sexy juggalo,"Karkat cooed once again, wrapping his arms around his matesprit and crawling into his lap, for the sake on being closer. Gamzee's heart raced like a hoofbeast. He felt like he was about to faint. And to think, he had been the one who never took anything too seriously and was pretty chill about everything. Karkat couldn't help it. He loved how Gamzee was squirming underneath him. He was pleasured by this sight. Gamzee looked adorable, and extremely sexy.
"Gamzee~" Karkat voice was almost a whine. He gently leaned down and nuzzled his face against the juggalo's neck. Gamzee tried his best to relax, but couldn't help to blush and squirm, knowing that Karkat was on his lap and being so adorable. Gamzee smiled and snuggled his head against his matesprit's, happier than ever before, despite the fact that there were so many shivers running through his body at the time. Karkat let out some weird groan. He felt himself getting warm. He squirmed in Gamzees hold. He began to kiss the juggalo's neck. Then up his jawline. Gamzee's eyes widened. He felt himself sigh with relief of some sort. He loved Karkat so much....
Karkat placed his forehead against Gamzee's. He loved Gamzee so much he could barely even handle it. Although, he was growing slightly tired, it was late. Gamzee smiled and kissed his matesprit gently. He began to feel tired as well. Karkat Kissed back in return. The kiss didn't last long. But every second was counted to him. He slide down Gamzee's body and laid his head on the juggalo's chest. Closing his eyes –
"I'm getting tired,"
"Me too, brother,"
"well, uh, we can go, sleep in the slime er, or something," Karkat stuttered out slowly. Gamzee waited patiently for Karkat to make the first move at getting up, not caring if they fell asleep there or somewhere else. Karkat gently stood. Being rather engulfed on watching his Matesprits every move slipped on a juggling pin and went flying the the ground, landong on a horn making a loud "HONK!"
"AHHH!" Karkat yelled out. Gamzee leapt to his feet and rushed to Karkat's aid, lifting his head off of the ground, feeling very guilty about leaving his shit all over the place. --
"You alright?" Gamzee frantically pleaded in worry of his lover.
"Uhh, I'm fine," Karkat put a hand on his head. feeling dizzy from the fall.
"Maybe we should, get to bed and all," Karkat suggested.
"Yeah," Gamzee agreed,
Karkat made it to his feet. He hugged Gamzee to assure everything was okay. He kissed his cheek as well. Gamzee kissed him as well, but on his lips. He then picked him up bridal style and began to head to his room. Karkat made a somewhat squeak as he was lifted from the ground, never being held this way. He wrapped his arms around Gamzee's neck and leaned into him, resting his head on Gamzee's chest. He enjoyed this embrace.Gamzee finally made it into his room and peered around at the mess in there, making a face that said, "God, I hate myself sometimes." He allowed Karkat down and looked at him thinking, "Man, I love this guy." --
Karkat walked over the recooperacoon. He walked, without knowing, in an extremely sexy fashion to Gamzee, peering inside the recooperacoon. Gamzee always seemed to have fresh and clean sopor slime inside. That looked extremely welcoming and comfy. Gamzee blushed at Karkat and tried to ignore it, but couldn't help but smirk. Karkat leaned in. His butt standing out to Gamzee, shuffling, reaching for the slime, his butt gliding from side to side.
Karkat stood on the edge of the recooperacoon. He grabbed the hinge of his shirt and pulled it off. Gamzee stared with wide eyes and his heart raced. He'd never seen Karkat shirtless, but he certainly enjoyed it. Karkat blushed as he looked down at his bear stomach. He grabbed his pants and slid them down, revealing rather adorable boxers underneath. Gamzee was too shocked to remove his own clothes. His blush grew heavier as Karkat removed his own, and he clutched his chest where his heart was, then lowered his hand and gulped.
Karkat was kind of trying hard to look at Gamzee. He did however want to see Gamzee's bear chest. He always wondered if Gamzee had a nice pack of muscles under that T-shirt. Gamzee knew that trolls slept naked, but this was Karkat for starters, and he'd never seen another troll strip down to bare skin. He gulped again and turned his attention to his own clothing. He removed his shirt breathlessly and tried not to look at Karkat.
Karkat couldn't help but take a peek. He nearly fainted. His heart began pounding furiously against his chest. The Capricorn was, sexy, without his shirt. Handsome, attractive even. Karkat watched him closely, watching his stomach and his chest flex and move. Gamzee could feel his heart beat throbbing in his throat, but he continued with this odd ritual. He removed his pants and tried to imagine that Karkat was just some kind of hoofbeast or pawbeast staring awkwardly, or some kind of poster or something.
It didn't work.
karkat awkwardly looked away, he stared into the recooperacoon. He blinked and stared at the sopor slime for a rather long period of time. Then finally decided to remove the rest of his clothing and hop in. Gamzee wanted to look at Karkat, but he didn't want to... you know....
Karkat was relieved to just be in the slime and out of that awkward situation. Gamzee sighed with relief as he discovered Karkat had entered the slime. Now he could finish stripping down in peace. Gamzee removed the remainder of his clothes and hopped in as well, also happy to be out of that situation. Gamzee smiled back at Karkat when he smiled as Gamzee entered the slime and immediately hugged him, despite their nudity. He just couldn't help to hug him, especially when he smiled. It was just so cute when he did.
Karkat gave and laugh and clung to the juggalo. He just loved being with him. Karkat cuddled close and nuzzled into Gamzee, closing his eyes happy to just be with him. He didn't care the situation. Gamzee kissed his cheek gently and then released his hold on him and slid slightly down into the slime, covering half of his face with it. You couldn't have seen it, but he had a huge smile as he looked up at Karkat with huge eyes.
"Hey Gamzee, you um, actually sleep with your face paint on?" Karkat didn't show it one bit. Bit deep inside he was aching to see Gamzee without that face paint.
"Oh, I almost all up and forgot, Hang on," Karkat's face nearly split in half he grinned so widely. Gamzee climbed out of the recooperacoon and hurried to the bathroom. He removed the makeup in the sink and returned to Karkat and climbed back in the slime. He smiled happily and said, "There we go. Honk,"
Karkat blushed. Gamzee looked pretty good without his make-up on.
"Man Gamzee, you look … Amazing without your face paint, why do you hide such a handsome face?"
Gamzee shrugged and blushed.
"It's a juggalo thing I guess, it's just what I do,"
"True," Karkat agreed.
"Feels right in my heart, ya'know?" Gamzee smiled.
"I think I can get used to seeing you like this at night though," Karkat chuckled to himself and kissed Gamzee's nose.
"You have no idea how much I love you Gamzee," Karkat laughed and sank into the sopor Slime, the effect of the slime began to settle in and karkat was getting more tired by the second. Gamzee giggled and cuddled up to Karkat, kissing him lightly on the cheek. Karkat smiled and blushed, cuddling as well and closing his eyes. The juggalo looked passionately at Karkat's face and smiled at how cute he looked with his eyes closed. He felt as if this whole day had been a dream, but the feel of the slime around him and the touch of Karkat's skin said otherwise. This was absolutely real.
Karkat breathed gently. He began to doze off. Hoping that when he woke up it wouldn't be home, being awoken by his crabdad. But all of his senses and every nerve in his body told him with wasn't a dream. Karkat was thankful for this. Gamzee had finally closed his eyes and pulled Karkat closer to him. It felt good to have someone else to share his recooperacoon with, rather than sitting there alone. Karkat eventually dozed off. He had some odd dreams about the future. But they didn't bother him one bit. He was happy to be with Gamzee and no one else.

End Chapter 1
Here is the rest of fate Chapter 1 part 2

I hope you all like it, hehehe.

I'm so glad I finally finished this chapter, because Chapter 2 i promise you is going to be ten times better, believe me =u=

Fate @ :iconsyska129:&:iconthewolfslight1:

Homestuck @ Adnrew Hussie
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